A close partnership between school and home is extremely important to ensure that children achieve their best and also for the continued success of our school. Parental involvement in school and liaison with the local community helps to create a safe, secure and happy atmosphere.

We operate an open door policy. Teachers are available before and after school and parents can make an appointment to see the Headteacher or the class teacher if there are any more serious concerns.

The role that parents and carers play in all aspects of school life is really important. You can be involved by showing an INTEREST:


I – Inspire your child by taking a real interest in their education 

N - Never book a holiday or medical appointment in the school day in term time 

T - Take an active interest in your child’s daily school life and work 

E - Ensure that you attend parents’ evenings and other school events 

R - Read letters from school which your child brings home 

E - Ensure that your child completes and returns their homework 

S - Send your child to school regularly and punctually 

T - Talk to school if you are concerned about your child’s development 


We value your views and issue an annual parental questionnaire to ensure that we strive for continuous improvement. You can use the contact form below to let us know your views - you can also use it to let us know what you think is going well or to make suggestions to make things better!