At Mereside Primary Academy we have a dedicated team to support our families. Please see the below document that outlines our offer.

Early Help

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Hayley & Amanda our family workers, are available to all our Mereside parents, carers + families, of all our school pupils & nursery children.

We can help support you & your child to reach their potential  –  are your worried about :

  • Attendance concerns – let us work together
  • Feeling anxious or over-whelmed
  • Behaviour issues in school or at home  -  Parenting Courses available
  • Housing + Money worries
  • Family Bereavement + in school counselling referrals
  • Local Food Bank Support

We also have good quality re-cycled SHOES, COATS & Clothing available in all sizes – please just ask…

Please just ring our office on 761531 & ask to speak to Hayley or Amanda, or you can simply approach us in our play-ground & please do visit our regular family hub coffee mornings.

Hi everyone,

My Name is Amanda Chapman. I work for an independent educational Charity called School Home Support.

I am in school on a regular basis on Thursday and Friday every week, and Wednesday every other week. Working as part of the Family liaison team.



I can offer support with:

  • Early Help
  • Housing
  • Funding
  • Attendance
  • Benefits 
  • Mental health 
  • Family learning 
  • Health and Hygiene 

You can contact me at Mereside tel: 01253 761531    /    SHS tel: 07983 436003


Mereside are working towards our LEADING PARENT PARTNERSHIP AWARD which involves you & your families : we are keen to hear your Mereside community voice

We do have a family meeting room in our school, which is a safe space for our support discussions


Attendance impact on Education:

90% attendance = 19 days - approximately 4 weeks of schooling lost over a year

85% attendance = 29 days - approximately 6 weeks of schooling lost over a year

80% attendance = 38 days - approximately 8 weeks of schooling lost over a year

75% attendance = 48 days - approximately 10 weeks of schooling lost over a year

70% attendance = 57 days - approximately 12 weeks of schooling lost over a year