Information for Parents


We are very pleased to welcome children and their families to Mereside Nursery. We aim to make your child’s introduction to Nursery and school life as happy and as smooth as possible. Children will be well looked after in our care by all the staff with whom they come into contact.

We want you to feel free to talk to the Nursery teacher or Early Years Leader or Headteacher if you or your child should experience any difficulties.

We also want to welcome you as parents to our school. Some of you will already have children in the school but for others this will be your first experience. Parents often get to know each other as they wait in the playground for children to come out, however we will also be arranging a coffee morning (or afternoon) each term when you can get together socially and meet other parents and representatives of Friends of Mereside, our school fundraising association.

Communication between Nursery and parents is obviously very important. At the beginning of each term we send out a list of diary dates for that term which will include special events to which parents are invited. In Nursery all letters go in your child’s tray, please check this daily. All information relating to our school can be accessed via our website.


Each half term your child will receive a ‘Parents’ Guide to the Curriculum’. This will let you know about what we are planning to discover more about. It will also give you some ideas to do at home with your child

There will be an open evening for parents during each term when you will have the opportunity to discuss your child’s settling and progress with the class teacher.  But the Nursery staff like to chat, and like to share regularly your child’s special achievements, as well as hearing from you about life and experiences beyond Nursery. Sharing information between home and Nursery helps us to build up an accurate picture of your child’s learning journey. . Please let us know if your child has outside interests that we might not know about.

In this booklet we hope to provide some of the information to help you and your child settle into school. We want your child to learn and reach their potential, and we want every child at Mereside to be a happy child.

Please do not hesitate to ask someone if you require any help or further information. The School Office is a good place to start if you are not sure who to ask.


  • Mrs N Brown - Nursery Class teacher
  • Mrs Lawrenson – Nursery Nurse
  • Mrs Fletcher - Teaching Assistant
  • Mrs Jackson - Reception Nursery Nurse

Your child will also come into daily contact with:-

  • Mrs Peck - Reception Class teacher
  • Miss Wright - Reception Class Teacher
  • Mrs Hargreaves - Reception Nursery Nurse



To make it easier for the children and staff to get to know each other we have created a system to ensure that your child’s transition into Nursery is as smooth as possible.

Stay and Play sessions:

We offer stay and play sessions, a chance for you and your child to come into Nursery with you and meet the staff, and become familiar with the room and staff. We will send you a letter outlining the dates available for your child to visit. You and your child are welcome to attend all of these sessions. If you are unable to attend any of these sessions then please contact the office to arrange another time.

Home visit:

We also offer home visits, please speak to a member of staff to arrange a suitable time if you would like one.


Uniform is optional for Nursery children, but lots of children want to look like the older children.  The children are very busy painting, digging, playing with playdough and other messy activities so any clothing worn for Nursery needs to be practical.

Our Uniform is: 

  • Grey skirt or pinafore
  • Grey shorts or trousers
  • White polo shirt
  • Mereside blue sweatshirt (or cardigan for the girls)
  • Black school shoes (not trainers)

In the Summer term, girls may wear a blue gingham dress. Most items of our uniform can be bought from any of the major stockists or chain stores but jumpers and cardigans can only be bought through the school office.


Nursery Day:

All children are entitled to 15 hours a week free Nursery provision the term after their third birthday, this is taken across 5 mornings or 5 afternoons.

Nursery sessions:

Morning 8:30-11:30

Afternoons 12:00-3:00

Each additional session above 15 hours costs £10.50 unless you are entitled to the 30hrs grant funding for working families which was introduced in September 2017.  A small additional charge of £3.25 including a school lunch will be added if your child stays from 8:30 till 3pm. We also offer after school club for Nursery provision from 3pm till 5:30 pm daily at an additional cost of £8.75 per day.

Foundation Stage

When your child starts at Mereside Nursery they are part of the foundation stage until the end of your child’s year in the Reception class. Our Nursery and Reception classes work closely together, and share an outdoor learning environment. We like to celebrate special times together. This means a smooth transition for those children moving from Nursery into Reception.

The curriculum for the Foundation Stage supports and develops children’s future learning.

The Foundation Stage curriculum is organised into seven areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language
  • Physical development
  • Literacy
  • Maths
  • Understanding of the world
  • Expressive Art & Design

This does not mean that all of young children’s learning is divided up into areas. One experience may provide a child with opportunities to develop a number of skills and concepts across several areas of learning. For example, children building with blocks may cooperate in carrying the heavy and large blocks, talk with others and decide the best place to put them, compare the weight and dimensions of different blocks and acting out an imaginary scene.

They may be developing language, mathematical, physical, personal and social competencies through this single activity!  But more importantly the child is “just playing”.


The children’s progress is observed and monitored continuously throughout the year. These observations help us to know what the children can do and how to further their learning. You will have an opportunity to discuss and contribute to your child’s learning journey during our parent/teacher meetings. These are held termly and we hope all will attend.


Outdoors is an extension of the indoor classroom and will be accessed on a daily basis by the children in all weathers. We ask that you do send your child to Nursery wearing a coat, and a hat and mittens when needed. We do have waterproofs and spare wellies that children can wear in wet, and muddy weather conditions. If your child has a pair of wellingtons your child can bring these into Nursery, please name them and feel free to take them home when they are needed.


Please inform us of the reason for any absence, particularly if your child is suffering from an infectious illness. You can either tell your child’s teacher in the morning, or ring the School Office on 01253 761531.

If children are well, it is important that they attend every session. Our Foundation Stage is a vital step in a child’s education and experience. Good timekeeping and attendance encourage habits which 
last throughout a child’s schooling. Nursery places can be withdrawn if children do not attend regularly, and the place offered to another child.

Illness and Medicines:

There will doubtless be days when your child is definitely under the weather. If he or she has not slept well, has been sick, had diarrhoea or has a bad cough or cold or any combination of these, please do not send them into Nursery. A day or two at home at the beginning of an illness can often prevent a longer absence.

There may be occasions when they have to take medication although they are well enough to be in Nursery. We have agreed to dispense medicine under very controlled circumstances to ensure absolute safety. If you need to bring medication into school you must take it into the School Office and complete a consent form. Without this authorisation we are unable to dispense medication.

Please make sure that you complete a consent form at the Office if your child needs regular medication e.g. for asthma. We can ensure that we chat about the symptoms your child has, and the dosage.

Good habits:

It is very important that children arrive and are collected on time. They will often get very worried about being late or left behind when other children have gone. Please inform us if you are going to be delayed.

If anything upsetting, or out of the ordinary, has happened at home please let us know. These things are often reflected in a child’s behaviour and a brief explanation will be treated confidentially and will help us to understand and sympathise where appropriate.

School Milk and Fruit Scheme:

Children under seven are entitled to free school milk and a piece of fruit daily. Please let us know if your child cannot drink milk or has food allergies.

Children who attend Nursery in the morning also have a free breakfast, a Blackpool initiative. The children love having a chat whilst enjoying fruit loaf, or bagel, a fruit bag, and a carton of juice.


Thank you for choosing Mereside Nursery for your child. We want all of our children to be happy and to do as well as they are able.

If at any time you are concerned about your child, or unsure about how to support your child’s learning please speak to your child’s class teacher. The sooner problems are shared the better for all concerned.

We look forward to a long and happy partnership with you and your children.